What is Dentist for Children?

Pediatric dentists

What is a pediatric dentist? A dentist for children. Yes, but what exactly does that mean? How is their care and practice different and what expertise and services do they provide?

According to healthychildren.org, pediatric dentists are ?dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through teen years. They have the experience and qualifications to care for a child?s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood.? A pediatric dentist, or a dentist just for children, is for kids. It?s that simple.

A dentist for children has a large and unique responsibility: the child may be sacred, the child may not know what is going on, and this may set the tone for their dental life relationship. Therefore, a dentist for children is especially trained to address these specific needs for kids.

A dentist for children is also uniquely trained to help educate parents, and the child, in dental hygiene, an education and habit which needs to start early. Not only does it help prevent tooth decay, it promotes good oral hygiene all the way around. Kids need to learn these good dental habits from the get go in order to ensure good dental health throughout their lifetime.

For instance, kids usually do not know, nor do their parents, that many energy drinks (i.e. Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster) cause more damage to teeth through enamel loss than do the common sports drinks. (Gatorade, Propel and Powerade are a few of these.) This dental health issue is significant given the popular consumption by kids of these drinks.

Also, over 50 percent of parents who use bottled water are unaware of the fluoride content in the water contained. That?s important, too, and all of these issues need close attention. A dentist for children can help educate you and your child on these needed changes in consumption and in other good dental hygiene matters.

Another thing that may prove helpful to your child, and that a dentist for children may specialize in, is pediatric dental sedation. This practice has become more popular among pediatric dentists in the treatment of children?s special needs. More than 250,000 pediatric sedations are being performed each year. You may want to discuss this with your pediatric dentist.

In choosing your pediatric dentist, remember that a pediatric dentist, or a dentist for children, is a uniquely trained specialty, beyond that of being just a family dentist. So, be sure you and your child are seeing, specifically, a pediatric dentist, a dentist for children, for your child?s dental care.

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