Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

Preventing tooth decay

Working to prevent tooth decay is an uphill battle for many parents whose children love sweets above all else. It is hard to tell children that they cannot have what everyone else is eating because you are working at preventing tooth decay. Although, the percentage of tooth decay in children from the ages of six to 18 has decreased in recent years so someone must be eating foods that prevent cavities.

How to prevent cavities is still one of the questions parents ask on a regular basis. Below we will go into some steps to help prevent tooth decay and keep your child’s teeth healthy and cavity free. Making it a habit to brush your teeth after eating every meal with a toothbrush with soft round bristles is one of the ways to prevent tooth decay.

Another way to prevent cavities is by using a tooth paste with fluoride to prevent tooth decay and repair tooth enamel. One of the worse things you can do is use an old toothbrush as bacteria builds up on the toothbrush and the bristles become ineffective when they wear down. Replacing your toothbrushes every three to four months is your safest bet.

Another way to prevent tooth decay is by brushing your tongue or using a tongue cleaner. This stops bacteria from building up on your tongue and spreading to your teeth. Using a good dental floss and fluoride rinse after brushing is also effective at preventing cavities.

Eating foods that are high in calcium, avoiding sugary sweets and drinks plus using an herbal rinse that contains goldenseal are highly effective ways to prevent tooth decay as well. Snacking on raw vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods will do wonders when it comes to having healthy teeth.

Tooth decay is not just about having unhealthy teeth. Research shows that tooth decay can have a detrimental effect on your overall effect as well. Bacteria from bad teeth can get into your bloodstream and make the rest of your body sick as well, at times even resulting in death. Taking care of your teeth, and your children’s, teeth is an investment in the future. Besides, everyone wants a gorgeous smile, taking the correct steps to prevent tooth decay can accomplish that for you.

Follow the tips above for healthy teeth and before long they will become second nature to you, and your children. Preventing tooth decay is simple; you just need to take the steps needed to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

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