3 Simple steps in preventing tooth decay

Prevention of tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by foods, particularly those with sugar and carbohydrates. What happens is that the bacteria in our mouth eats the sugar and substances and then releases acids. The acid, the leftover food in our mouth, our saliva and the bacteria then sticks to the teeth. These then, particularly the acid, destroys the enamel of the tooth. As the enamel is destroyed, hole in our tooth is created. This then causes tooth decay which can lead to tooth loss. However, these can be prevented. Here are three ways to prevent tooth decay. Preventing tooth decay or preventing cavities is possible by following these three simple steps.

First, one should eat healthy foods and foods that prevent cavities. Healthy foods and having a balanced diet is necessary in preventing tooth decay because they can strengthen our teeth and prevent tooth decay. One good example of food that prevents tooth decay is cheese. Cheese is good in the prevention of tooth decay because it neutralizes the acid. Tea is also good because it contains fluoride. Crunchy foods, such as vegetables are also good because they stimulate the production of saliva which flush away the carbohydrates and sugar in the teeth. Of course when it comes to preventing tooth decay, it is always important to keep in mind that sugar rich food and carbohydrates are major factors in tooth decay. Preventing tooth decay therefore means limiting the intake of sugar and carbohydrates. It also means brushing ones teeth after eating sugar and carbohydrate rich foods.

Second, preventing tooth decay means having the right dental and oral hygiene. This includes regular brushing of teeth, specifically brushing twice a day and using toothpaste with fluoride. It is advisable to actually brush after every meal but twice a day is already a good practice. Aside from regular brushing of teeth, it is also necessary to use dental floss. The use of dental floss is an important part of preventing tooth decay because it cleanse in between teeth that cannot be reached by regular brushing. Foods that are left in between teeth are generally the cause of tooth decay for many people. Depending on your teeth, you may even need to use supplemental fluoride. This will strengthen your teeth.

Third, preventing tooth decay also means having a good dental care. Tooth decay prevention is a work in progress. The work is accomplished by you and your dentist as partners. Your dentist is therefore your partner in preventing tooth decay. For example, your dentist will tell you if you need fluoride supplements. He will also tell you if you need to have dental sealants to protect your teeth, especially in parts where chewing occurs. He will also tell you if you need to drink fluoridated water. And of course he will tell you all the procedures that you may need aside from regular cleaning.

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