Prevent Cavities By Eating The Right Foods

Prevent tooth decay

Your oral health is just as important as your overall health, so you should pay careful attention to prevent cavities and keep your mouth as healthy as you possibly can. There are certain foods that prevent cavities and by eating these and taking care of your oral health, you can do a lot to prevent cavities. Before you go to the store however, you may wonder ‘what are cavities’, so we should define cavity first. A cavity is an open expanse in a solid surface, such as a tooth. When cavities occur, decay in your mouth begins to develop. Also, do cavities hurt? Cavities can hurt if they are left to get worse and worse, but the fillings that you receive at the dentist do not hurt because they numb the area that they are working on before filling the cavity.

Some foods that can help prevent cavities are foods that are rich in calcium, such as dairy products. You can also enjoy this benefit from skim milk and nonfat dairy products if you so choose. Also, whole grains help prevent cavities as well. Whole grains have B vitamins and iron, which are essential to the health of your gums. Foods high in fiber are also good for oral health because it stimulates the release of saliva, and this creates mineral defenses against cavities and tooth decay. By eating these foods and staying away from sugar enriched foods and sweets, you will do more to prevent cavities.

When you look at pictures of tooth decay online, it is not a pretty sight. The pictures may want you to do more to help prevent tooth decay. They show the effects of tooth decay and how it can progressively get worse and worse. Also, there is no cure tooth decay does not simply disappear. You must go visit your dentist at least twice a year, or more frequently if you are having oral pain. When they fill cavities or perform other procedures, this helps stop the spread of tooth decay, but more can spread if you do not take care of your oral health. Preventing tooth decay is a daily choice; you must get up each day and make a conscious choice to take care of your mouth. That will go a long way towards the prevention of tooth decay. prevent cavities by brushing twice a day.

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