Your Options for a Fuller and Healthier Smile

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Stained or broken teeth can not only be painful, but can cause you to not feel comfortable smiling or talking with other people. A surprisingly large amount of people are unsatisfied with the current shape of their teeth and their smiles. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed to visit a cosmetic dentist or even a regular dentist to see what their options are. However, many of the smile correcting procedures are very low risk, offer affordable payment options and are even low pain. There are also quite a few options available for those who are not satisfied with their teeth or their smiles. A cosmetic dentist is a great person for resources and details on the many different procedures that are available.

More than 30 million Americans are missing all their teeth in one or both jaws. This can make talking, smiling and even eating very difficult. When teeth are missing, a source of fake teeth or the creation of teeth like properties is needed. This might be in the form of whole mouth implants. Whole mouth implants are shaped and designed to fit your individual mouth. It will be very similar to when you had a full set of teeth in your mouth. If there are any existing teeth present, the whole mouth implants may need to be created around these teeth, if they are in good shape. Sometimes the existing teeth may be better off being pulled, and then having whole mouth implants created. This can be easier than working around the existing teeth. However, if they are in good shape, every effort is usually made to keep them.

Individual dental implants can also be used when there are existing teeth present. It will depend on the amount of teeth that are still present and on the shape that they are in. A dental implant can also be done for a simple tooth or a couple of teeth that are missing. The tooth may have broken or needed to be removed for some reason. It may have also been knocked out by some sort of force. Sometimes multiple tooth implants may be needed, when a few, scattered teeth are missing. The complexity of the dental implants will depend on whether or not it is full mouth implants versus individual implants.

Some patients may be worried about the cost of dental implants. The cost of the dental implants will really depend on many factors. Firstly, it will make a difference if the patient has dental insurance or not. Some dental insurance may cover some portion of dental implants. They will generally not cover dental implants if they are for cosmetic reasons only. However, if the dental implants are required, a portion of them may be covered. The individual will have to inquire with their specific insurance company. Next, the type of dental implants will also make a difference. It will depend on the amount of implants needed. A full mouth implant will be more expensive than a few individual dental implants. Additionally, the material of the implants will matter. Typically, dental implants are made out of grade 4 commercially pure Ti because it is corrosion resistance and stronger than other grades.

According to an AACD survey, virtually all adults (99.7%) surveyed believe a healthy smile is socially important. However, many people are unsatisfied with the condition of their smiles. Fortunately, there are options to improve the shape and the condition of your smile. A cosmetic dentist is a great resource for information and pricing on your smile options. Implants can be used to mimic existing teeth. They can also be used for eating purposes. There are many options available to create dental implants that will improve the shape of your smile.

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