Why Your Orthodontic Clinic Don’t Have Enough Patients

You already have a website and your clinic is clean and has good visibility, but where are the patients? Why are you getting only a trickle amount?

Having an orthodontic clinic does not mean that patients who need your care will flock in. It takes more than that these days.

You need to have good visibility, both offline and online.

Even if your clinic sits on a particular stretch of road with lots of traffic, the cars and pedestrians passing by don’t necessarily need your services.

What you want is to reach those actual people who are in need of your professional help. And Orthodontic Consultants are the experts in this field.

Still not convinced that you’ll need their help? Here are six reasons why you’re not getting enough patients:

1. You Don’t Have Online Presence

Even if you do have a beautifully-designed website, you need to make yourself known online. We’re not talking about being famous. It’s about having visibility, a subliminal approach if you will, wherein people in your area will suddenly remember you when they need your dental care.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns are one way of doing this.

Orthodontic consultants can run an Orthodontic advertising campaign for you, showing up ad banner ad of your services to specific people online. People searching online for orthodontic services will see your banner ads, whether they’re on social media or Google search.

2. Lack of Social Media Interaction

Marketing strategies for Orthodontics should also involve consistent social media interaction. Sharing dental care information on social media is a great way of reaching out to potential patients.

It also adds a personal touch to your clinic, making it very approachable. Most people these days stay away from dentists who are too indifferent to their patients.

Even before you start sharing fun photos of your office, make sure that your profiles are up-to-date first. Check that your clinic address is accurate, as well as your phone number, and email.

3. Website is Not Appealing

Did you know that 76% of prospective patients do ample research on the dentist they’re planning to visit? Even if you’re able to bring in potential patients to your site, it has maintained their interest.

Your website design should keep them from hitting the “back” button or switching over to another Orthodontic website.

With more and more people using their smartphones to search online, you should also make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

4. Your Site Has Dated Content

Aside from having a good website design, your site should have up-to-date content as well. Articles that discuss obsolete solutions to a dental problem gives no value to the reader.

If you’re using a better approach to treating your patients, you should let them know about it. As you already know, your patients will check your site first before making an appointment. Use this as an opportunity to convince them why your services are better.

5. Articles Don’t Show Up In Searches

SEO is an important part of every Orthodontic marketing services. While it could take some time before you see results, it’s a long-term solution with significantly lower marketing expenses.

About 60% of marketers believe that their SEO strategies provided the highest quality source of leads to them.

Orthodontic consultants can help you identify specific keywords that your potential patients search. The goal is to provide useful content in the form of tips and guides and present it to people who are searching for it.

6. Email Follow-Ups are Non-existent

Bringing in new patients is not only your top priority. However, you should be able to retain your regular as well. One great way of doing this is with email follow-ups.

Orthodontic consultants can create an email marketing campaign for you. A specific set of emails will be sent to your patients, providing them with post-care tips.

It’s also a good way of encouraging them to subscribe to you. You can then send weekly newsletters. And if you have new equipment or new services to offer, you can easily notify them through email.

You Deserve to Receive More Patients

These six reasons are problems that Orthodontic Consultants easily can solve. Their experience can help you reach patients in your local area who are in need of your service.

Don’t waste your time. Other Orthodontics are doing this as well and you might get left behind.

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