UGH How Did ‘Dental Bling’ Become a Thing in 2016?

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New Jersey’s MY9NJ news program “Chasing News” has unearthed a new Millennial trend we really wish they hadn’t. Have young people decided to invest in dental hygiene products to stop nighttime grinding? Are they finding oral health products for cleaning tongues? Of course not.
According to the news show, cosmetic dentistry is growing faster than ever across the United States, soaring to an estimated annual revenue of $16 billion in 2015.
That’s not the troubling part. Dentists report that up to 60% of their patients are young people looking for perfect teeth. Some of those young people are scheduling well accepted cosmetic treatments, while others are looking for “dental bling.”
While a hip-hop artist or huge celebrity might be able to pull off that look, something tells us that the average 18 to 34 year old isn’t quite that fashion forward. And while celebrities have millions of dollars, most young people will likely be on the job market routinely over the years.
Dental bling can include flashy gold-plated grills, but some people are actually embedding diamonds and rare gems into their teeth. Others are gluing on tacky fake diamonds, like a form of Bedazzling for your mouth. Surprisingly, although dental bling has just become a trend, it’s actually been a custom for thousands of years. Just check out this National Geographic photograph of this Mesoamerican-era grill, which predates the Spanish colonization of the continent. Men of the period would have rare gems like jade embedded in their teeth.
Instead of Bedazzling your front teeth, wouldn’t your money be better spent on oral health products that won’t leave you unemployed and filled with dental regret?
Here are three better ways to spend money on dental hygiene:

  • Tongue Cleaning Products: There are a number of dental care products designed for cleaning tongues. Not only will this make your mouth feel refreshed, but these tongue cleaners will help young people avoid bad breath in their next job interview.
  • Bruxism Treatment: Maybe it’s all that college debt, but countless Americans suffer from Bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a bite guard for teeth grinding.
  • Gum Health: While some tongue cleaning products are used for gum health and cleaning tongues, good old fashioned floss is still the best way to protect your gums. Additionally, many young people prefer floss picks instead.

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