Three Reasons Why Dental Implants Can Improve Any Smile

Three Reasons Why Dental Implants Can Improve Any Smile

Dental implants

Getting dental implants gives some individuals a reason to pause. They might wonder if they truly need implants. Or perhaps they may think their dentist has it all wrong. After all, the individual has had perfectly fine teeth until recently, so why would they need surgery to put a tooth in? The fact of the matter is that almost 50% of adults age 30 or older have some form of periodontal disease. This can result in loose teeth and often needing to have dental surgery to remove a troubled tooth. Once that tooth is removed, it can affect an individual?s self-esteem, depending on where it sits in their smile. Almost 75% of individuals believe that having an incomplete smile can hinder their abilities to advance at work. Over 90% of adults believe that the more beautiful their smile is, the better chances they will have at attracting a mate or partner. Given these reasons, it benefits individuals to have a dental implant put in. Here are a few good reasons why.

Dental Implants Can Fix a Smile by Replacing Any Missing Teeth and Making Chewing Easier

In the case of periodontal disease where a tooth was required to be pulled, having a dental implant in place of the pulled tooth can truly make a different. The individual can will have a complete set of teeth, not showing any gaps or missing areas. A family dentist can make sure the new tooth is set securely in, and that it lines up with the other teeth. This can make it easier to chew as well, since patients will not have to worry about food getting caught in-between gaps. This can make cleaning teeth easier. Individuals do not have to worry about the new tooth getting in the way if they need surgery in the future, because dental implants can be unscrewed. This makes the tooth easy to remove should there be an issue that needs to be fixed.

Dental Implants Can Give Patients Confidence

Many individuals do not like to smile if they think their teeth do not look good. They might smile with closed lips, or not at all. Some people might hold back from pursuing certain activities or even avoid certain situations they would like to engage in. This could include not wanting to date or be out among other individuals they are attracted to, because they fear they do not look good enough. Cosmetic dentistry can fix these problems, and give individuals a new level of confidence. Once they realize their smile looks the way they wanted it to be, individuals will begin to feel comfortable in their skin. This newfound confidence may give them the boost they need to go out dating, enter a fitness competition, or even go out and make new friends.

Having Dental Implants Can Offer a Solution for Those Who Do Not Need Full Dentures

Some individuals might feel that they cannot benefit from cosmetic dentistry unless all their teeth are bad. This could not be further from the truth. While full dentures are an example of having a smile corrected, there might be instances where one tooth has to come out, but the others are fine. This is an ideal case for individuals who have only one or two problem areas in their smile, but the rest of their teeth function just fine. Keeping this in mind, cosmetic dentistry can offer many benefits and options for anyone who does not require full surgery of the mouth. Having only one tooth removed as opposed to several benefits the patient, especially if there is no need for complete dentures. This causes less stress to the body, and allows for quicker recovery.

Overall, having dental implants is a helpful option for individuals needing to replace or correct only a couple of teeth. Having dental implants can make chewing easier, since there are no missing gaps in the mouth. It can also give patients confidence in both their daily life, as well as other activities they would like to try. It is also suggested for those who only need a couple teeth fixed, and provides a helpful alternative to dentures.

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