Preparing Your Child to Receive a Cavity Filling

Many parents wonder when to start caring for their children’s teeth. Experts recommend that you can practice proper oral hygiene early by softly cleaning your baby’s teeth with a washcloth. As more teeth grow in, you can begin implementing a brushing and flossing routine. Unfortunately, it’s likely that a time will arrive when your child needs a filling. As a parent, it’s understandable to want your child’s cavities treated as quickly as possible. In this post, you’ll learn how to prepare your child for their first dental procedure.

Finding a Pediatric Dental Care Office

First, you’ll want to find a dental clinic for kids. This helps to ensure that your child will be in a comfortable setting. While other types of dental offices might perform fillings, it’s going to be easier for your child to be a comfortable setting. Dentistry for kids focuses on having a fun lobby meant for children to enjoy themselves while waiting to be seen. A typical facility practicing dentistry for kids features decorations that children enjoy. In addition, many of these locations exclusively play children’s television programming. This helps to keep children focused on something else both in the waiting room and while procedures take place. Before the appointment date arrives, there are ways to prepare your child for this event.

Preparing Your Child for a Dental Visit

While you might not think so, your attitude plays a major part in how your child feels about the dentist. Unfortunately, certain parents associate dental visits with punishments children must endure for not taking care of their teeth. This often backfires when a child actually needs to receive dental treatment.

Instead, you’ll want to act completely calm and even positive about your child’s upcoming dental appointment. If you’ve found an office that practices dentistry for kids, let your child know about the cool waiting room. That being said, don’t tell your child the details of any upcoming procedures. While it might seem beneficial that your child is prepared, knowing too much could heighten their fears.

Arriving at the Dentist’s Office

Throughout the day of your child’s dental visit, it’s important to remain calm. Certain parents might find that their anxiety levels increase as the time of an appointment draws near. To help avoid this problem, ensure that calmest parent or guardian is taking your child to the dentist. Your child will likely feel more at ease while seeing other children in the waiting room. In fact, statistics show that over 40% of children will have at least one dental cavity by the time they enter kindergarten.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Recovery

It’s also important to follow aftercare procedures. Your child will likely receive a combination of a numbing agent and laughing gas. While these medications are meant to make procedures go smoothly, your child might feel scared about how they feel. Assure your child that the numb feeling will soon subside. However, you’ll also want to let your child know not to touch, bite, or otherwise agitate any part of their mouth that is numb. In most cases, children should feel back to normal shortly after receiving a filling. If you want your child to avoid the small chance of lingering pain, feel free to ask your dentist if they recommend any over the counter medications.

In closing, there are important steps to take while preparing your child to get a cavity filled. While it might seem overwhelming to your child, getting cavities filled right away is important. Statistics show that children with poor oral health are three times more likely than other children to miss school due to dental pain. To ensure your child doesn’t have to deal with this pain, find an office that practices dentistry for kids.

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