I Cover My Teeth When I Smile Can A Cosmetic Dentist Improve The Look Of My Teeth?

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A beautiful smile can truly light up a person’s face. What happens when that smile has spots in it?

The complete opposite. Your teeth can be one of the first things people notice about you, for better and for worse, and there’s a lot of self-esteem to be lost when your smile doesn’t match your expectations. Instead of digging around for cheap over-the-counter products that don’t deliver, reach out to cosmetic dentistry professionals that can get to the root of the problem. This can mean replacing your toothbrush, flossing more or changing your diet. Need a little help getting started?

Here are five simple tips for cleaning up that smile and bringing out your very best. Let’s give your smile a second chance.

Did You Know?

Teeth whitening is only getting more popular from here. It’s estimated Americans will spend a yearly $1 billion every year on products to transform their smile into a proper imitation of the grins boasted by billboards and magazines. The average time people wait in-between dental appointments is three years or so, which goes a long way in explaining why periodontal disease, cavities and spotted smiles are so common. It’s recommended you visit the dentist at least once per year for a regular cleaning, though some may require twice per year if their oral health is particularly poor.


A common problem many Americans have is the onset of yellowing. This can encroach slowly, gradually transforming your smile into one you’re more embarrassed about than proud. A recent study on self-esteem found nearly 20% of respondents admitting they usually conceal their teeth in photos. Yellowing can be caused by a lack of proper brushing as well as regular consumption of caffeine, such as in tea, coffee and energy drinks. Professional teeth whitening services can show you a remarkable amount of difference in just a few sessions.

Brown Spots

Do you have brown spots on your teeth that refuse to leave? This is where you should consider the benefits of the teeth whitening cost, as brown spots are notoriously difficult to remove without professional help. It’s estimated 80% of people will will have a cavity by the time they’re 17 years old, with a similar proportion of the population also struggling with periodontal disease. Taking good care of your teeth isn’t just keeping it bright and white. It’s also making sure you get to the underlying issue of poor daily hygiene or hidden health issues.


Additional stains can be also caused by a combination of poor oral hygiene and consumption of chewing tobacco, creating a smile. A study found an impressive 80% of people stating they saw a noticeable difference after having their teeth whitened by a professional. Today over 30% of Americans are actively concerned by the look of their teeth and are worried about their ability to enjoy the social impact of a good smile. When you reach out to a dentist you take the first step necessary toward not just fading seemingly permanent stains, but creating more consistent oral hygiene.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

What can the best teeth whitening method offer you? First and foremost it’s a great way to boost your self-esteem, providing you the means of smiling without fear of repercussion and transforming the way you look. A dentist can also pinpoint any underlying issues, such as diet problems or health issues, and provide you a means of encouraging superior oral health. Only 20% of people claim to floss every day and over 75% of people don’t replace their toothbrushes nearly as often as they should. According to an AACD survey, nearly all adults stated a smile to be socially important, while a bad one could potentially hurt their career success.

When you notice a spot in your smile, a cosmetic dentist is there to help. Visit one this year and literally see what you’ve been missing.

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