Four Tips to Keep Cavities and Decay at Bay

Foods that prevent cavities

Did you know that in America, tooth decay is the second most common disease? Learning how to prevent tooth decay and cavities is important, because oral care impacts our lives in a number of ways. A good, healthy mouth helps people live longer, have more confidence in smiling, and spend less on dental bills. If you are looking for ways to prevent tooth decay, prevention is as easy as following a few daily routine steps.

1. Did you know that people have 60 percent more tooth decay if they drink soda three or more times a day? Decreasing the number of sugary drinks and foods you eat can help keep your mouth healthy. One issue with soda is that people tend to drink it on its own, allowing the sugar and acids to linger in the mouth. If you have to drink soda, try to do so while eating, or wash out your mouth or brush your teeth afterward.

2. When it comes to ways to prevent tooth decay, often the basics are the most important things to remember. Even though many people brush their teeth once a day, this is not always enough to keep decay and plaque away. Try to brush twice a day, and floss at night. Most people would find it difficult to brush after every snack or meal, but at least try to rinse.

3. Your dentist can help with preventing tooth decay. Dental sealants, which are coatings that cover your back chewing teeth, help to protect your enamel from cavities. It is recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year, and during this time they can give you fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth, and they will do cavity checks so that if any decay does occur, it can be eradicated before a more serious issue forms.

4. Eat foods that prevent cavities. It seems counterintuitive that foods can help prevent cavities, but high fiber foods like fresh fruits, raisins, vegetables, and whole grains, and calcium rich foods like cheese, are all helpful in preventing decay.

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