Foods that Prevent Cavity Formation

Prevent cavities

Keeping your mouth healthy is not just about brushing and flossing, although these are important aspects of good upkeep. What we drink and eat also affects the health of our teeth. Although it is not something we often think about as a disease, tooth decay is actually the second most common disease in the US. Many people are wondering how to prevent cavities, and it turns out there are many drinks and foods that prevent cavities.

What are some foods that prevent cavities? Diets high in vitamins and fiber are great at reducing the rate of cavity formation. This includes most vegetables and fruits. Ideally, receiving a large variety of them. Vitamins are useful in that they prevent your teeth from weakening. Fiber is useful because it increases the flow of saliva to your mouth, which aids in digestion and is a natural protector of your teeth.

Grains are not always foods that prevent cavities. They are a part of a healthy diet, so the key here is to eat a limited amount of grains, rather than abstaining from them, and make sure to accompany them with other healthy food categories during meals.

Many people are probably aware that eliminating soda from the diet is definitely an aspect of tooth decay prevention. Soda creates an acidic environment in your mouth, eating away at the enamel and encouraging harmful bacteria to flourish. The sugars in soda also increase the rate of decay. If you cannot eliminate soda from your diet completely, try and limit it to something drunk with meals so that it is not the only thing in your mouth.

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, textured foods are also helpful foods that prevent cavities because they scrape away at plaque buildup on your teeth. Examples of textured food include cheeses, nuts and berries.

Basically, there are multiple ways to prevent tooth decay, and practicing a bit of everything while also continuing good brushing and flossing habits will ensure a white and healthy smile.

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