Bringing Practices Together

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Growing and maintaining a dental practice can be very tricky. Luckily, there’s ADA Practice Transitions to help! This video breaks down what ADA Practice Transitions is and how it can help both established practitioners and up-and-coming dentists.

Established dentists can use ADA Practice Transitions to help handle their growing practices. It can be difficult to find reliable help that is in tune with a practice’s values, but ADA Practice Transitions looks for potential matches to lighten the responsibility on the practicing dentist’s end.

New dentists can also use Practice Transitions to join a practice that is the perfect fit. It can be difficult for new dentists to know where to look for work, especially if the area they are looking to work in is new to them. Practice Transitions will find mentors for these up-and-coming dentists to make sure they realize their potential.

ADA Practice Transitions provides guidance when you need it without being intrusive. The professionals at ADA Practice Transitions seek to minimize the workload on your end while still getting you involved with matching you up with the right dentists.

For more information on ADA Practice Transitions and how it can help dentists at every experience level, click on the link above.

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