A Dentist Salem Oregon Has Serves Many Medical Needs

Teeth whitening salem oregon

60 percent of all adults between 18 and 64 saw a dentist in the past year. Those seeking to join the trend in the Oregon Capital region area should consider seeing a dentist Salem OR can offer. Not only will a dentist Salem OR can offer clean your teeth, but can also perform teeth whitening Salem Oregon services, and fit patients with dentures.

A dentist Salem Oregon can offer can promote tooth health. Before improved dental care last century, about half of North American adults were toothless. With the advent of advanced dental care, only one in ten U.S. adults over 65 suffer from tooth loss.

Most dentists salem oregon offers know the best way to maintain teeth. A dentist Salem Oregon has will recommend the use of an ultrasonic toothbrush, for instance. Vibrating at 20,000 Hz or 2.4 million movements a minute, an ultrasonic toothbrush kills germs on contact. Salem oregon dentists find them superior to manual toothbrushes, where 25,000 bristles in 40 tufts hide bacteria.

A cosmetic dentist Salem Oregon has can be an even greater help to Oregonians. This is especially important for lawyers, academics, political professionals, and others who routinely interact with the public. The U.S. spends collectively $1.4 billion on tooth whitening products that need constant use. A few simple procedures could whiten teeth for decades.

Finally, a good dentist Salem OR has can help with dentures. Despite medical advances, many teeth do wear out in older age. A dentist Salem OR has can fit a person who lost or is losing teeth with dentures that are painless, discreet, and maintain dignity in old age.

The next time a Salem Oregon family needs a dentist, they should see a dentist Salem Oregon can offer. Not only can that dentist take care of the whole family, but can also whiten the smile. It may take some shopping to find the right dentist, but most families are glad they did once they have found the perfect fit.

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